Dimitar Spisarevski

Torchlight procession in memory of Captain Spisarevski

With a torchlight procession to the place of death of Cap. Dimitar Spisarevski, will mark the anniversary of his heroic sacrifice young people from BNS. It will be held on December 20 – the day of the feat. Anyone wishing to join can do so from 19:30, at the assembly point – the central square in the village of Pasarel.

The tradition of honoring the memory of the hero with a procession to his place of death was established by the Bulgarian National Union in 2003, when the personality of the Captain is still little known. The difference this time is that it will take place on the very day when Cap. Spisarevski and it will be in the evening – when only the moon and torches will illuminate the forest paths to the monument to the hero.

Over the years, the organization has made significant efforts to promote the feat of Cap. Spisarevski. Among the most significant initiatives in this direction are the lectures organized by the Bulgarian National Union with people who knew the pilot personally – his regular Stoyan Totev and the mechanic from the eaglet of Cap. Spisarevski – Ivan Atanasov.

Details about the upcoming event can be found on Facebook – HERE.